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Christian Flindt – Bass

Discovered Metal with:
Gary Moore (After the war), Iron Maiden (Seventh son & Somewhere in time), Guns ‘n’ Roses (auweia…Appetite for destruction), Overkill (Under the influence), Napalm Death (Scum), Suicidal Tendencies (Controlled by hatred)

5 fave albums: „Fave“ is an unsuitable term … some great albums:
1) Iron Maiden – everything, especially Brave New World
2) Guts Pie Earshot – The grey EP
3) Jethro Tull – Benefit
4) Toxoplasma – Gut und Böse
5) Blind Guardian – Tales from the twilight world

3 fave movies:
1) The life of Brian
2) Schindler’s list
3) this trilogy with those rings

3 fave books:
1) ox cookbook
2) Strohm – Quietly into the disaster
3) Goscinny & Uderzo – Asterix…

Fave pizza:
with pickled eggplant and garlic


Previous bands:
Addlebrains (1992-1998), Exzess (1996), several projects in musicals and theater

Best concert ever:
definitely: Iced Earth & Blind Guardian at Frankfurts Batschkapp on 15.9.92!!!