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Oli Rossow – Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Discovered Metal with: Iron Maiden, Motörhead

5 fave albums:
1) Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
2) Dio – Holy Diver
3) Loudness – Hurricane Eyes
4) Racer X – Second Heat
5) Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising force

3 fave movies:
1) Werner 1-3
2) The Burning Plain
3) The Dreamers

3 fave books:
1) Mick Wall – Run to the hills
2) Ron Wood – Ronnie
3) Erich Kästner – Fabian

Fave pizza:
with chili salami and gorgonzola

Previous bands:
Puky Spoon and several unknown bands

Best concert ever:
Iron Maiden at Festhalle Frankfurt 2013 – from the 1st row;-)