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Elvenpath – Power Metal from Frankfurt, Germany

Elvenpath is:

Dragutin Kremenovic – Vocals
Till Oberboßel – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Oli Rossow – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Cris Flindt – Bass
Manuel Appel – Drums

• Founded in early 2002

• Six CD’s so far

• Newest album produced by Uwe Lulis (Accept)

• More than 100 shows in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Malta and all over Germany

• Played many festivals, i.e. Up The Hammers, Rising Fest, Dong Open Air, Metal Franconia Festival and numerous others

• Opened up for Doro, U.D.O., Cage, Majesty, Death Dealer…

• Two European tours as support to Skyclad

Elvenpath is not another retro band that tries desperately to sound old school and is more concerned about tight pants and numerous spikes than about good songs. Neither are they oblivious to the glorious past of Heavy Metal. They’re rooted in the traditional style of (German) Power Metal but there are plenty more influences to be discovered in their music.

2002 (2002)
Gateways (2004)
Spyrol (2008)
Elvenpath (2011)
Wild Boars of Steel (2013)
Pieces of Fate (2015)