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Two new gigs added!


There are two new gigs added to our tour-schedule:

08.08.2015 in Castrop-Rauxel at the Steel Meets Steel Open Air

14.11.2015 in Ulm at the Cat-Club with Stormhunter

It’s official now!


We are very very proud to be the Supportband for U.D.O. and Doro in Leipzig on 28.11.2015!
Tickets are available on Eventim, Brann or Metaltix.

looking forward to see you there!

New Album “Pieces Of Fate” Out Now!


Hey Folks!

Our New Album “Pieces Of Fate” has been released this Weekend! You can order it as always by sending us a mail with your name, adress and the quantity to! We really hope you like this Album as much as we had fun making it!

By the way: thanks to everyone who attended our releaseparty in Flörsheim on Saturday! You were really great and we look forward to see you at the future gigs for 2015 in order to promote our new record.

stay tuned,

the elves


01. Mountain Of Sorrows
02. Battlefield Of Heaven
03. Sons Of The Bloodcult
04. The Liars’ Dance
05. Testament Of Tragedy
06. Wild Boars Of Steel
07. Coming Home
08. Sentinel Of The Past
09. Queen Millennia
10. On The Elvenpath

Next two shows for 2015


On February 14th, we’ll play our first gig for 2015 in Schwalmstadt-Treysa. In addition to that, we got one new gig on February 21 in Osterode coming up! Get tickets for the Osterode show here:

Rest in peace, Brother!


It is with great sadness that we must announce the untimely passing of our good friend Torsten Thassilo Herbert, bassist and vocalist for our friends Dragonsfire.
We shared the stage often, went to each other’s shows and supported each other. Just the way it should be.
Thassilo was a talented and hard working musician who lived for his art. His passion made Dragonsfire’s music outstanding. Listen to their releases and feel the power.
Plus, he was the nicest person you could imagine. Our friendship is not at an end. It’s just going on in a different way.
We express our heartfelt condolences to Thassilo’s family, his friends and bandmates. And Thassilo – enjoy jamming with Bon, Criss, Cozy, Jeff, Ronnie and all the other good guys. It will be an amazing show. Keep the Metal going, wherever.

Happy New Year!


First of all, we’d like to wish a Happy 2015 to you all!

By the way, the recordings for the new Album are now completely finished! So stay tuned for some more news to come in the next weeks. The first gig we gonna play will be at February 14th. We will deliver a lot more live-metal to you in 2015, so please keep checking the Tour section for more gigs.

stay tuned,
the elves

Album Recordings almost finished!



The recordings for our third Album finally have almost come to an End. After spending three weeks in a row, only small bits of the vocals and the bass are still missing. It is produced by Uwe Lulis, you should be familiar with his past work – he made the performances sound really great. And believe us: it will be a great Album!

The releasedate is already scheduled for March 14th, 2015. On this very special day, we will play a show in Flörsheim at the Moshpit-Club in order to promote the new Album. Also keep checking the Tour section for more future updates.

Two New Shows for 2015!


Hey Guys,

We already have two new Festival shows confirmed for 2015:

11.04.2015 – Oberursel – Taunus Metal Festival
05.06.2015 – Büßfeld – M.I.S.E. Open Air

more dates will follow soon.

Elvenpath welcomes new Drummer!


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our new drummer Manuel Appel. From now on, he will pound the Elvendrums when we go into battle and we’re very happy to have him aboard.
You’ll be able to hear him live and on record soon!

Two more Gigs for 2014!


There are two more gigs for this year. Please take a look at the Tour-schedule. The first one (18.10.2014), will be in Lampertheim , alongside with Illusoria , the second one in Mainz, featuring Un Tipo de Langustino on 24.10.2014.

See you There!


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