1. Hail Till …!!! How are you brother! So what’s up with the Elvenpath horde? Tell us a brief history of Elvenpath!

Hails Doni!! Things are going very fine for us here with gigs and so on. Elvenpath was formed in 2001 so by now we have been existing for one and a half years. The reason for the creation of the band was our love for traditional Power Metal which made us want to play this music ourselves. In 2002 our first demo "2002" was recorded and released and we started to play live.

2. You have release the 2002 demo. Yeah, it so powerful yet melodic stuff. I like it very much. How can you come up with this idea? Tell us about the demo please. Do you gain the attention you expected? How is the response from the scene? Any deal offered to you guys?

This demo contains three songs which are our earliest. It's a nice first impression of Elvenpath, nothing else. We gave away a lot of promotional copies and managed to sell about 350 copies so I think it made our name better known to the world. The reactions were mostly good, some loved it, a few hated the stuff, but most people appreciated our music quite well. I agree with that because I think the songs on "2002" are not that spectacular compared to our new stuff; the second demo will mark a wide step forward. So far we didn't get into touch with labels a lot because we wanted to gain more experience and play a lot of concerts before signing to a company. We decided to wait for this until our second demo has been released.

3. What the songs deal with? Is it about kingdom or battle?

"Kingdom of the weird" is about a very weird dream I once had, I won't go into detail because it would be hard to understand anyway. "Eternal quest" has rather personal lyrics which are put into a fantasy context - very melancholic stuff. And "Thunderode" is a philosophical view of a man's life as a road everybody has to follow until the end. In general, we write lyrics about anything that interests us, be it fantasy, politics, personal feelings or simple cliché lyrics - we don't want to limit ourselves.

4. Previously you play in black metal band called Satanic Wizard. Is this band still alive and kicking? Has it something to do with satanic organizations or something? Do you practice black magic?

I don't really know if this band still exists but I doubt that they still rehearse. The reason why I decided to leave was because these guys didn't really take the whole thing very seriously, it was very hard to achieve any steps forward with this band. I always liked the music a lot though. The band never was associated with any organisations, this is a private thing for every musician. Black magic is not my cup of tea.

5. What is your opinion about religion? Do you believe in such called God?

I'm not religious and I don't think that any such being one could call god exists. I do believe, however, that nature is full of spirits, some good, some rather nasty...I consider myself a pagan, a word that expresses being one with nature, with the universe.

6. Well, Germany has well known for the speed/heavy metal bands. Now you follow the path to create such music. Can you mention another new young acts that stands out and have a good talent there? How is the scene there?

There are a lot of great young Power Metal bands in Germany, just to name a few: Majesty, Seduction, Ritual Steel, Lightmare, Teutonic, Raised Banner, Tale of Winter. The scene differs a bit in Germany; here in the area of Frankfurt there are hardly any Power Metal acts while in northern Germany the scene is much better. But we're fighting hard to improve this!

7. Do you play live often? When the last time did you play? How was it? With who?

We started gigging seven months ago and since then we played seven shows. We'll continue playing at least once a month because it's very important for us to gain more live experience and of course it's also a lot of fun always. Our last gig and also our best one so far was last week when we shared the stage with Tale of Winter, Raised Banner and Braindeadz (I didn't name them above because they're not Power but Thrash Metal but they're an excellent act!!). It's not easy to find possibilities to play live because a lot of clubs refuse to let a Metal band on stage...we'll keep fighting however!

8. In 2002 demo you took a session vocalist. Do you have problem in finding someone to take care the vocals? As I know, you have been searching for a while to find someone, and you made an audition, but then I didn’t hear the results. So you have found the right person?

Finding a good Power Metal singer isn't really the easiest task on earth...we had auditions with a lot of different people but so far couldn't find the right one. Either their vocals weren't good enough or they proved to be not very reliable. Our guitarist Michael took the vocals on the demo and has also been singing live because he's the best singer in the band but we're still looking for a proper vocalist.

9. Germany is also known for its regular metalfest or something like that, such as Fuck The Commerce, Wacken Open Air. How many metalheads attending the shows? Is there difficult enough to get permit to held a show or gigs? Do you natives have a bigger chance to play than other foreigners?

Germany has got a lot of great festivals, the bigger ones being Wacken, Bang Your Head, With Full Force, Summer Breeze etc and also smaller ones like Fuck The Commerce Headbangers Open Air etc. Wacken is probably the most important Metal festival in the world, 40,000 people were there last year and they came from all over the world: Japan, Australia, US and of course all parts of Europe. A band who desires to play one of these big festivals has to be successful and usually they have better chances if they're on a big label like Nuclear Blast or Century Media. As for the smaller festivals (with maybe 5'000 maniacs showing up), they're run by real idealists who give a fuck about big names and label politics (Hails!). It's not very important where the band comes from as Metal is really a fascination beyond all borders. Metal fans of the world are one huge family and they celebrate a band if they're good, not because they come from Germany or wherever. But of course the bands have to see how they pay for travelling to the festivals. A band like Krisiun can do this because they have a strong label behind them; and the label supports them because they're successful here. But this luck is rare for bands of Asia or South America, sad but true.

10. What is the meaning of Elvenpath? Why do you use it as monicker?

Elvenpath is originally a title of a Nightwish song. We wanted to have a powerful yet hopeful name for the band and we're all huge fans of fantasy, especially Tolkien, so we decided to choose a Tolkien inspired name. The path of the Elves - to us this is the path of rightfulness, honesty, truth and justice and the fight against evil which threatens the earth.

11. What do you know about South East Asian Metal bands and scenes? Any bands in contact with you and are there favorites bands from this are that suites your taste of extreme music?

When travelling through Indonesia in 2001 I met some excellent bands there, the best one doubtlessly being Bloody Gore, who later evolved into Funeral Inception. Definitely South East Asia’s finest band!! I'm still in contact with them and it's great to know that so far away from Europe there are freaks as crazy about Metal as I am! Other great acts I know from that area are Makam, Sword Of Darkness, Sil-Khannaz and Heretic Angels. It's remarkable that there are mainly Death/Black Metal bands from South East Asia, hardly any Power Metal from there (except for the band Power Metal who sound like early Bon Jovi...).

12. What do you think about people saying Cradle of Filth is sell out, becoming trendy and anything else? Is this some kind of trend that you should pretend that you hate CoF so much and it means you are true black metal?

I think most of these people are just jealous of Cradle's success. I like this band very much, they're great musicians and songwriters and very professional - qualities that most of the "true" bands don't have. Cradle have definitely been trying to approach a bigger audience with their music for years but they still play Metal and they never completely abandoned their original sound so I don't think they're betraying their fans or whatever. It's become a real trend to hate Cradle and Dimmu, claiming that real Metalheads don't listen to this kind of music, but I think all these guys are simply jealous. Success goes hand in hand with jealousy, it's always been like that.

13. Tell us 3 main rules if you given chance to rule a kingdom of metal!

- HipHop is banished from the planet's face!

- Free airplane tickets for Metal fans from Asia, Africa and Latin America to see the great Metal festivals in Europe!!

- Elvenpath on MTV's heavy rotation!

14. Do you believe there are heaven and hell? If yes, where would you have yourself after you die?

No I don't believe in things like this. Your life is here and now - enjoy it and make the most of it while you can, there's no second chance!

15. Ok brother. That’s all for now. All my sickest support for Elvenpath! Anything to add?

Thanks a lot for your interest and the great support! Eternal Metal Hails to Misery Magazine, may you see your enemies fall. Those of you interested in us, please take a lot at our website www.elvenpath.com or e-hail us at metal@elvenpath.com. Hails to all the maniacs keeping the flame alive in Asia - we know it isn't easy for you to show that you're Metal in a police state, our thoughts and hope are with you! You are our brothers and sisters and it would be great if you could all get a chance to see the bands you worship so much. Support the local bands you have in Asia because they need your support and they're struggling hard to play their music, you have a lot of great bands there who deserve your attention! Eternal Hails, may you be victorious under the sign of Metal!!!