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New guitarist Tim


Unfortunately Dimis had to leave the band for personal reasons. Tim Kremer is the new guitarist and we’re looking forward to great times.

The new album is being recorded and we’ll see you on the road again in 2022!






New guitarist


We welcome our newest member to the Elvenfamily. Dimis Savvopoulos is the new six stringer on the team and we’re looking forward to many rehearsals, shows, recordings and lengthy drives with him. Cheers!

New guitarist needed


After ten years in our ranks, Oli decided to leave Elvenpath.
In his own words:

“Hello Friends,
Decisions are not always easy to make, especially after ten years. but some have to be done. So in my case, it sure wasn’t easy.
During the last two years, I thought about making some changes in my life. It was a slow process, but a clear one.My taste for music had also changed. I had lost my enthusiasm and will to carry on much longer in this band. Maybe most of you won’t understand my point of view, but it is like it is.
I want to thank the band for accepting me when I was still a young kid. Great records and concerts all over Europe followed. It was a nice ride – the most of it. Also, thanks to all the bands I had the pleasure to share the stages and to all the nice people that I had met.
But now, it’s time for me to move on and clear my spot for somebody new.
With best wishes,

We thank Oli for all the good times on and off stage and wish him all the best.
The hunt for a new guitarist is now on. Applications welcome.

New drummer


We welcome our new drummer Erhan “Eric” Söney into the fold. As he already filled in for Manuel on several occasions last year, he was a natural choice and we’re happy to have him on board.
Cheers Eric!

Going through changes…


After more than five years behind the Elvenkit, Manuel decided to pursue different things in life. In his own words:

“Dear friends of Elvenpath,
to my great regret I made the difficult decision to leave the band. This happens for personal reasons, I simply lost the strength and the drive to continue playing cool, heavy power metal music at the moment. I would like to thank my cool bandmates Cris, Dragutin, Oli and Till! The past five years have been great and rich in experience. I also want to thank everyone who helped the band and me, Vero, Conny and Tanja on the merch, Markus, Philipp and Eric on drums and especially Michl for his help!
Thanks to all the musicians who shared the stage with us, to the technicians and promoters and of course to all our fans!
Yours Abbl”

We’re going our separate ways on the best of terms. Together we recorded two great albums, traveled half of Europe, played more than 70 shows and met so many great fans. These memories will never perish.
We wish Manuel all the best!

And now we’re in need of a new drummer – so if you think you’re the person for the job, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We will meet where the metal is!

New Album – 2019 Concerts


Dear Friends!
We are currently working on a new Album!
The release is scheduled for March 9th, 2019. On this day, there’s an Album-Releaseparty taking place at the Moshpit in Flörsheim.

Besides that there are already 3 other new shows for 2019:

09.03.2019 in Flörsheim at the Moshpit (New Album Releaseparty)
16.03.2019 in Darmstadt at the Goldene Krone
22.03.2019 in Colmar (France) at the Skull Crush Fest
04.05.2019 in Andernach at the A Chance For Metal Festival

please check the tour-section for further information!

Hope to see you out on the road in 2019!

New shows for 2017 confirmed!


Hey Folks,
There are some new shows confirmed for 2017, so please take a look here.

stay tuned for some more exciting news coming this year!

Thanks for these great shows!


Here are two pictures from our show in Lünen, and another one from the Weinheim concert (bottom).
We don’t want to hide them from you ;-) Thanks to all the people for showing up, and of course thanks to the other bands as well!

Elvenpath to support Orden Ogan


We are happy to support Orden Ogan in Lünen at Lükaz on 29.10.2016

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