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New guitarist needed


After ten years in our ranks, Oli decided to leave Elvenpath.
In his own words:

“Hello Friends,
Decisions are not always easy to make, especially after ten years. but some have to be done. So in my case, it sure wasn’t easy.
During the last two years, I thought about making some changes in my life. It was a slow process, but a clear one.My taste for music had also changed. I had lost my enthusiasm and will to carry on much longer in this band. Maybe most of you won’t understand my point of view, but it is like it is.
I want to thank the band for accepting me when I was still a young kid. Great records and concerts all over Europe followed. It was a nice ride – the most of it. Also, thanks to all the bands I had the pleasure to share the stages and to all the nice people that I had met.
But now, it’s time for me to move on and clear my spot for somebody new.
With best wishes,

We thank Oli for all the good times on and off stage and wish him all the best.
The hunt for a new guitarist is now on. Applications welcome.